Trintech Cadency

Oversikt, kontroll og transparens i hele periodeavslutningsprosessen - fra transaksjon til rapport


Verdens eneste løsning som integrerer hele periodeavslutningen - fra transaksjon til rapport - i én enkelt sømløs prosess.

Med Cadency fra Trintech har økonomiledere verdens eneste løsning for periodeavslutningen som samler alle aktivitetene i prosessen – fra transaksjon til rapport (R2R) – i én enkelt sømløs prosess. Resultatet – en mer effektiv periodeavslutningsprosess som minimerer risiko, ressursbruk og kostnader.

I hele R2R-prosessen, fra en transaksjon finner sted, til finansregnskapet blir sendt ut, gjør Cadency det mulig med kontinuerlige prosessforbedringer innen kontoavstemming, journaloppføring, periodeavslutning og etterlevelse, helt fram til økonomisk rapportering og utarbeidelse av lovpålagte rapporter. Cadency spenner over alle R2R-aktiviteter og sikrer at man har én versjon av sannheten. Løsningen gjør det mulig for din bedrift å bli blant de aller mest effektive når det gjelder økonomiprosesser.

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enterprise-wide control across entire R2R process

Cadency’s Financial Close software spans across and integrates with all R2R activities — Certification (account reconciliation), Compliance and Journal Entry — preventing “white space breakdowns” in the Record to Report cycle. Because Cadency is the industry’s only solution that manages the entire Record to Report process end to end, you can finally manage and gain audit transparency into all your period-end close processes, all in real time.

To help improve the efficiency of your financial close, Cadency’s dashboard clearly highlights upstream and downstream task dependencies, flagging potential bottlenecks to allow management to address issues before a deadline has passed. Tasks that are completed inside as well as outside of Cadency are quickly communicated between systems through Robotic Process Automation, allowing staff members to spend less time on manual updates and more on strategic analysis.


Cadency’s Certification for reconciliation eliminates your dependency on error-prone spreadsheets and risk-ridden manual processes. Within Certification, we ensure that your reconciliations meet your organization’s quality and compliance standards while streamlining the whole process.

Journal Entry

Cadency’s Journal Entry solution provides governance and management oversight, allowing organizations to finally take control of the journal entry process. With Cadency’s Journal Entry process, companies can significantly increase the efficiency of their JE process, while reducing their costs and risk of errors.


Cadency’s Compliance solution allows you to ensure corporate and regulatory compliance including SOX, HIPAA, FERC/NERC, security standards, sustainability projects, and more by implementing your financial governance model throughout the entire Close process.


Your Office of Finance must be able to remove as many inefficiencies as possible as it works to positively contribute to the financial health of your organization. With Cadency’s Close, we will help you determine the root cause of your close cycle delays and stop them from wasting your organization’s employee resources.

Financial and Disclosure Reporting

Trintech’s Disclosure Management solution will allow you to gain more control over and stronger visibility into your financial and disclosure reporting for both external audiences, such as the SEC, and internal audiences, such as your board of directors and executive team members.