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Simplifying the Financial Close for Retail & E-Commerce

Streamline Your Workflows and Automate Close Processes

In the retail industry, finance and accounting teams face unique challenges during the financial close process. Inefficient processes and inconsistencies can lead to costly errors in data, particularly when dealing with high volumes of transactions, inventory management, and employee payroll.

Trintech offers solutions tailored to meet the retail industry’s specific accounting requirements, including high-volume multi-way matching and automated balance sheet reconciliations, which can help your organization streamline its finance and accounting processes and reduce the risk of errors.

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Manage High-Volume Transactions While Providing Valuable Insight to the Organization

Leading organizations know that they must automate their financial close process in order to effectively close the books and keep up with today’s fast-paced world.

With the support of proven financial process automation, finance and accounting departments are learning to work smarter, and more efficiently, ensuring their time and effort is focused on high-value activities that will drive the strategic direction of their organization.

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Focus on Exceptions While Managing Volume

Support Organizational Growth

Manage Data Across Complex Transactions

By automating our controls with Trintech, it enables us to prevent errors, gives us confidence over our reporting and that our processes are operating as efficiently as possible.”

Simon Ward – Finance Solutions Lead, Finance Operations Specsavers