Financial Close Management software helping to achieve a faster financial close

Simplify and Streamline Your Financial Close

Tired of manually creating lists, checking off completed tasks and preparing documentation to overcome the complexity and avoid the risk of a material misstatement? If the financial close process continually challenges you, it’s time for a change.

Operational Inefficiencies

Manage your close task list with automation, so you spend less time emailing, comparing versions, meeting, printing, and reentering data. Now you can focus on higher-value work such as analyzing data to help drive critical business decisions.

Gain visibility in Close Tasks

With real-time visibility into the current status of the close process, your finance and accounting team could be quickly tracking the progress, exceptions, KPIs, tasks, and issues that might be slowing down the overall process. By improving visibility you can significantly reduce risk.

Financial Statement Risk

Automated workflows say goodbye to fragmented financial close operations that compromise data accuracy and supply your team with visibility and transparency instead. Now you can set guidelines for tasks and materiality thresholds, saving time and assuring risks are managed before they arise.

At Trintech, we know that an efficient financial close process is possible with the right solution in place. You can achieve better visibility, and faster, more accurate results, giving you more time to analyze financial statements and focus on strategic growth initiative.

To help you jump-start the process with a clear path and guidelines, we have created a tip sheet with 5 best practices for modernizing the month-end close:
  • Best Practice #1: Align Your People, Process, Policy, and Technology
  • Best Practice #2: Implement A Risk-Based Approach
  • Best Practice #3: Standardize Processes across Entities and Geographies
  • Best Practice #4: Optimize with Advanced Automation
  • Best Practice #5: Build a Collaborative Ecosystem

Download this Tip Sheet to read more!

4 steps to managing risk in the financial close

With a click of a button, I now have access to a real-time dashboard to gain full visibility into where we are in our balance sheet reconciliation process.”

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