AI and Automated Accounting in the Financial Close

Automate Your Financial Close Processes

5 Best Practices for Modernizing Your Month-End Close

Manual methods in the monthly close process often lead to inefficiencies, data discrepancies, and risks. With increasing compliance and technology focus, CFOs and Controllers face heightened pressure to maintain financial integrity.

Modern automation solutions, such as financial close management software, streamline your processes, reduce potential risks, and improve your bottom line.

This eBook will cover five best practices for modernizing your financial close process:

  1. Align Your People, Process, Policy, and Technology
  2. Implement A Risk-Based Approach
  3. Standardize Processes across Entities and Geographies
  4. Optimize with Advanced Automation
  5. Build a Collaborative Ecosystem

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We wanted to make our data gathering smarter to eliminate the opportunities for delay and bring it all together in a much more streamlined way. It was critical to deploy a financial close software that would help standardize our data and ensure we are being as efficient and effective as possible in our closing process each month.”

Tom Walker, Chief Financial Officer The Dallas Cowboys