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Streamline Journal Entry Postings with Cadency

Strong, Accurate and Readily Accessible Documentation

The journal entry process is a crucial part of ensuring an accurate close, accounting for all financial details, and creating audit-ready documentation. For most organizations, the process lacks visibility, control and offers little in the way of risk management.

Cadency Journal Entry helps you to avoid common issues found in manual approaches. With real-time visibility, control and validation of the status of journal entries, this approach quickly translates into much stronger overall governance of your Record to Report (R2R) process.

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Unlock the Powerful Capabilities of Cadency Journal Entry

Cadency Journal Entry focuses on automating journal entries and associated workflows with proper controls to reduce overall costs and minimize risk associated with manual entries. By acting as the bridge between required adjustments and your ERP general ledger, the solution creates a closed-loop process.

Organizations who rely on Cadency Journal Entry are seeing up to:


Reduction in Time Preparing and Reviewing Journal Entries


Reduction in Time to Support External Auditors

Trintech’s Artificial Intelligence Risk Rating for JE will help HP continue to improve its quality of our JEs, which in turn improves our Balance Sheet and Income Statement. Also, this feature will prevent errors from happening and allow for additional explanation on why the JE was entered to be leveraged by internal and external auditors. We are excited that this functionality will continue to improve the efficiency in our Record to Report process.”