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Automated Task Management with Adra

Improve Visibility Into Your Financial Close Process

Adra Task Manager automatically monitors and documents the progress of each item to be completed during the month-end close. Save time by standardizing tasks, improving the flow of information, and adopting best practices across all team members.

From centralized checklists and task libraries to status updates, Adra Task Manager is a single source of truth to manage the financial close process. Checklists ensure everyone on the accounting team understands their role, increasing morale and avoiding confusion without the need for time-consuming calls or meetings. Built-in separation of duties and stronger internal controls mean you can assign work with confidence, reassigning as needed to avoid gaps and bottlenecks. When integrated with the rest of the Adra Suite, Task Manager simplifies the close process through automation and system-prepared parent tasks and subtasks.

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The Benefits of Trintech’s Adra Task Manager

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Reduce Time Spent in Meetings

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Continuous Monitoring of Task Statuses and Due Dates

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Enforcement of Best Practices and Internal Controls

Prior to Adra, the team was using disparate Excel spreadsheets, so the overall process was being performed very differently across the team. Now, with Adra, everyone is forced to a standardized process and management has full access and insight into everything that is happening.”