Automate with Trintech’s Financial Close and Account Reconciliation Software

Streamline Your Reconciliation and Financial Close Processes

Bring accuracy, control and visibility to your account reconciliation and close processes. Our automated solutions work to solve any problem, no matter how complex.

Financial Close Management

Eliminate manual accounting processes to reduce risk with increased visibility to drive a more efficient close that improves the quality of your data and allow teams to provide strategic insight.

Transaction Matching

Save time by automatically matching transactions. Standardize processes across the organization to eliminate error-prone, time-consuming manual tasks.

Automated Reconciliations

Take a balanced risk approach to your processes and reconciliations. Leveraging automation empowers your teams to focus on value added work whilst cutting costs.

Reporting and Analytics

Reduce risk and get the most out of your data with real-time reporting and dashboards to make better decisions and be a trusted strategic advisor with insights to the wider business.

Download the product brochure to learn more.

Download the Product Brochure

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Purpose-built solutions for the way you do business. Trintech doesn’t provide a one-size-fits-all solution, and that’s by design – a truly effective solution for the Office of Finance shouldn’t be. We offer two financial automation solutions, Adra and Cadency, built specifically to meet any customer or market’s unique needs and requirements.

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Our Trintech solution provides the team with exactly what they need in a standardized format, so they aren’t wasting time chasing items down during the period end close. Prior to Trintech, it was just ‘do and no time for review.”

Group Financial Controller – Bitstamp