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Powerful bank statement analysis


The most powerful, purpose-built bank statement analysis tool on the market.

Simply stated, SmartAnalysis is the most powerful bank statement analysis tool on the market. As a purpose-built solution, it is not merely one module of a larger tool but rather a robust, standalone account analysis application that will help you quickly uncover discrepancies and ultimately reduce your organization’s bank costs.

Most treasury management systems can uncover simple pricing inconsistencies, but they fall short when it comes to more complex issues such as spikes in volume or ambiguous and unexpected service charges. SmartAnalysis not only identifies these higher-level discrepancies but also provides the tools for investigating and resolving each one.

SmartAnalysis is easy to use, intuitive by design and offers a variety of dashboards to view the targeted information you desire.

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robust bank account analysis application

Configurable Comparison Codes

SmartAnalysis allows you to create and define codes that take into account service bundling differences among banks so you can perform direct comparisons.

Power to Transform Data

Using SmartAnalysis, you can transform nonstandard statements and utilize them for added side-by-side comparisons.

“What-If” Analysis

SmartAnalysis allows you to explore the impact of various scenarios without affecting your current and historical data. With our trending tools, you can determine the impact of paring and/or combine services on your bottom line. Further, SmartAnalysis offers reporting tools to present your findings in a cohesive and persuasive manner.

Reduce Bank Costs

Our solution allows you to do comparative cost analyses across banks to determine the most cost-effective service provider. Then, SmartAnalysis delivers the data to strengthen your negotiating position – and the tools to track whether the negotiated prices are being applied consistently.

Reduce Total Costs

By using SmartAnalysis’ analytics, you can identify the type of services used, average use level by month and the organizational entities using each service. From this data, it is possible to target over- and underutilized- services and service-ridden accounts. Most importantly, SmartAnalysis can identify outdated or inefficient corporate processes contributing to unnecessary bank costs.