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A control framework for account reconciliation governance, risk management, and compliance

Trintech’s T-Recs automates daily, monthly, and periodic reconciliation and account balances to help you increase efficiencies, tighten controls, reduce risk, leverage cash and make more informed decisions.

The solution is used by today’s highly regulated and complex banking and finance industry as it faces greater scrutiny of internal controls, data security and process flows. For this reason, unidentified errors and poor reconciliation compliance may lead to serious consequences.

T-Recs transforms the reconciliation process, delivering the advanced automation, controls and processing power required to identify missing funds for your financial institution. Furthermore, T-Recs includes fraud prevention technology to combat both check fraud and ACH transaction abuse. The opportunity for fraud is very real and growing dramatically — T-Recs can help you stop it in its tracks.

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T-Recs - Account reconciliation solution with advanced high-volume processing

Executive Dashboards

The executive dashboards in T-Recs will help you improve and accelerate data-driven business decisions with real-time information for executive review using key parameters such as risk ratings, reconciliation statuses, exception items, and task statuses.

Account Reconciliation

T-Recs allows users to perform reconciliations and capture all related information quickly and accurately for a fully automated, workflow-enabled reconciliation verification and transaction management process.

Exception Management

T-Rec’s exception management capabilities reduce the workload and risk of organizations by enabling automatic notifications and escalations throughout the transaction reconciliation process. The ability to report on match variances from a transaction level up to balance sheet line item level increases visibility into the process.

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AgriBank was challenged by a manual reconciliation processes with a heavy reliance on spreadsheets. Their reconciliation process lacked standardization and prepaid schedules were still being manually maintained in error-prone spreadsheets. To address their concerns, AgriBank selected Trintech’s T-Recs solution because of it's ability to reconcile all types of accounts using defined workflows to automatically apply the correct rules to each reconciliation type. Learn More...

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How Organizations Solve Account Reconciliation Challenges with T-Recs