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Webinar: How to Prepare Your Organization for the Future of Financial Automation

On-Demand WebinarsMay 14, 2020
It’s no secret that the office of finance has lagged behind other business units when it comes to adopting new technology that can improve how their department conducts their day-to-day work. This lack of automation comes at a time when the average office of finance is struggling to keep up…

Virtual Panel: COVID-19 and Its Implications to Finance Operations

On-Demand WebinarsMay 19, 2020
Due to COVID-19, many finance & accounting (F&A) teams across the globe are struggling with a dispersed, remote finance operation. Now, more than ever, standardization, automation, visibility across the organization and access to real-time data and insights are essential to run your business. During this virtual panel, you will hear Trintech…

Task Manager Webinar: Best Practices When Working Remotely

On-Demand WebinarsApril 16, 2020
During this webinar Adra's Senior Solution Consultant gives powerful suggestions of best practices of using Adra Task Manager when working remotely. During this webinar, we will discuss: 5 basic work from home tips to increase productivity. Explain 5 ways Task Manager can help with those productivity guidelines. Discuss additional Task…

Virtual Panel with KPMG: COVID-19 and a Virtual Close – How This Will Impact Your Audit and Cybersecurity

On-Demand WebinarsThursday, April 16th, 2020
A consistent, common technology effective platform that maintains your controls is critical. Companies will definitely continue to look for ways to streamline processes through automating, which will enable companies to capture, integrate and use critical data in real time, improving the execution of crisis and incident response plans. - Tamara…

CFO Thought Leader: Keeping an Eye on Your KPIs | Omar Choucair, CFO, Trintech

On-Demand WebinarsMarch 30, 2020
With all of these additional SaaS-based applications today, maybe only a third or 25% of them were even available two or three years ago... We think that we're in the second or third inning of what we can do with the office of the CFO - in terms of automating and creating ROI for CFOs.

Webinar: How Adra Keeps Your Financial Close on Track When Working Remotely

On-Demand WebinarsApril 22, 2020
When accountants are interspersed across multiple different locations, the likelihood that their close will be completed timely and accurately significantly decreases. Primarily, this is due to the tools used to complete the process. While spreadsheets are the most used means to complete the close process, they provide very little visibility…

Joint Webinar with DHG: Keeping Your Financial Close on Track When Working Remotely

On-Demand WebinarsApril 23, 2020
In a heavily manual organization, just a readiness assessment can be daunting. Organizations may start considering how cloud technology can help enable employees to work from any location. Technology gives organizations workflows, collaboration and communication tools that can help ensure a seamless financial close process, regardless of location. - Cheryl…

Webinar: Financial Close Task Automation in SAP S/4HANA with ERP Bots

The big difference here is that Trintech is the only enterprise R2R provider with built in pre-integrated ERP Bots. The advantages of these Bots is that they have a built in library of ERP specific clusters and it knows what and where to look in various processes to determine success.…

Are You Prepared For the Future of Finance – R2R Present and Future

On-Demand WebinarsMarch 12, 2020
With 2020 marking the beginning of a new decade, it provides the perfect opportunity to have a look at where the Record to Report is today and where it will go in the next five years. We are creating a benchmark report - with your help - that will show…