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Robotic Process Automation Governance for Your Record to Report Process

43% of attendees stated they are currently either in the pilot or production phase of implementing RPA in their organizations. Where does your organization stand with RPA?

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Optimizing Your Journal Entry Process

44% of respondents said that systems with insufficient capabilities or features was the main contributor to the number of manual journal entries required for their organization. Find out where your peers stand in regards to the journal entry process.

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Where Do Finance & Accounting Professionals Struggle Most in Regards to the Matching Process?

There are many aspects of the matching process that worry F&A professionals during the financial close process. In this infographic, your financial industry peers discuss where they are spending the most time in regards to the matching process.

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The Business Case for Record to Report Automation

Across the entire Record to Report (R2R) cycle, companies face labor-intensive and risk-laden tasks. From the removal of bottlenecks to the reduction in the number of accounts to be reconciled and stronger controls, see how automation can transform your office of finance.

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The Business Case for Automation – Journal Entry

Managing thousands of journal entries each month is tedious and complicated, especially when preparers and reviewers must sort through multiple accounting systems. Learn how automation can strengthen your JE process and vastly reduce your potential for misstatements.

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The Business Case for Automation – Compliance

While governing bodies continue to increase financial scrutiny, companies worldwide are finding it difficult to create reliable financial controls. See how you can achieve a compliance framework that strengthens your controls while reducing reputational and monetary risks.

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The Business Case for Automation – Close

Accountants everywhere struggle to handle the enormous number of labor-intensive tasks that are required for a successful close. Discover how automation can help you gain unrealized value through the close process – all while strengthening your compliance.

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5 Reasons to Automate Your Financial Close

Identify which technology best suits your business, how to get a project like this approved internally, and what you need to think about when it comes to delivery.

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The Best In-Class Approach to Intercompany Accounting

Intercompany accounting continues to be a challenge for companies with multiple entities. Because of multiple time zones, various currencies and complex regulations, the typical intercompany process is riddled with a lack of visibility and efficiency. Learn how automation can bring much-needed relief to your intercompany.

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What Worries Finance & Accounting Professionals When It Comes to Managing the Financial Close

There are many aspects of conducting a proper financial close and many aspects that worry the F&A professionals managing the close. In this infographic, financial industry peers discuss their greatest worries throughout the financial close process.

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The Top Record to Report KPIs You Should be Tracking

Data collection and analysis is an essential component to staying competitive. In this infographic, financial industry peers compare KPIs throughout the financial close process.

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The ROI of Financial Transformation

Companies often become complacent when it comes to their financial close process and willingly continue with the status quo, even if their pain points are clear and identifiable. If you think you might be ready to be an exception to this rule, it’s time to discover the ROI of automating your Record to Report process.

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How to Transform Your Office of Finance in 4 Steps

Many companies still conduct their reconciliation process with outdated manual spreadsheets and are forced to deal with the inefficient processes and workflow bottlenecks that accompany them. Learn how automation can help transform your office of finance.

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Transforming Your Office of Finance with Automation

From journal entry reviews to the constant, recurring struggles of identifying and correcting balance sheet errors at period end, labor-intensive manual processes and tasks can leave the typical Record to Report (R2R) process riddled with costly errors. Find out how automation can transform your office of finance.

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Trintech: A Brief History of Innovation

Follow along on Trintech’s own transformation from its beginnings at Trinity College in Dublin through decades of continuous investment and innovation.

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