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The Journey Made Possible: How to deliver a quick win through financial close automation

Financial close transformation is still relatively new for most organisations with the majority still relying on manual processes dominated by spreadsheets. With this in mind, we have organised a series of interviews with industry experts around the importance of financial close automation, sharing best practice from leaders in the space in…

5 Opportunities CFOs Can Capitalize On with a Digital Finance Strategy

Tip Sheet
As many organizations have experienced, the priorities of the CFO can make or break the success of an organization. A great CFO looks at the organization’s challenges and figures out how to turn those challenges into opportunities — though it isn’t always easy. As we have recently seen, the global…

How to Ace Financial Close Through Automation

White Paper
Understanding the current state of Record to Report performance and what the future looks like Organizations across the globe are prioritizing the shift to smarter ways of working across critical business services. Many of these improvements can be focused on finance processes, given their significance in supporting enterprise operations. An…

The 3 Stages of the Accounting Automation Journey

Automating accounting processes is necessary for leading mid-market organizations to effectively strategize and scale their operations. By moving from a mostly manual process to streamlined automation, finance and accounting professionals can shift their focus to strategic initiatives, allocating more time to identify new opportunities and genuinely impacting the organization. However,…

Webinar: 5 Best Practices for Financial Risk Management

Webinar On-Demand WebinarsSeptember 22, 2021
Event Details Financial risk management is becoming a larger focus for organizations, especially in a remote or hybrid work environment. Not only does this create a focus on preventing potential financially damaging incidents, such as incorrect filings with governing bodies and misstatements in general, but risk management is also being…