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How to Improve Your Financial Close Process in 2019

Tip Sheet
Your books may be closed, but how much time and money did you lose from clinging to outdated methods? Be proactive by evaluating your financial close process now to avoid reoccurring issues later.

10 Financial Close Rules You Should Be Breaking

Tip Sheet
When it comes to the financial close process, problems companies run into are often very similar. Check out this list of 10 rules that NEED to be broken to fix your financial close process.

4 Answers to Common Close Questions from the Banking and Finance Industry

Tip Sheet
The reliance on outdated methods and a lack of a central viewpoint of the close process has left financial professionals within the banking and finance industry struggling to meet growing internal and external demands. This Q&A tip sheet will help you solve four common close problems within the banking and…

How to Make Intercompany Accounting Predictable and Reliable

If you are a global organization with multiple entities, establishing a predictable and reliable intercompany accounting process is a crucial part of creating a successful future for your company. In this video, we’ll show you how to streamline this process all the way through – from the initial invoice and…

How Financial Automation Tempers the Challenges of the Insurance Industry

White Paper
The insurance industry is changing globally. Competition is intensifying, and to simply reduce costs by outsourcing is no longer the answer. The industry faces digitization as both a threat and an opportunity, and the predicted result is a significant culture change. According to an analysis by Ernst & Young: “Key…

APAC WEBINAR: How to Accelerate Your Financial Close in 2020

Webinar On-Demand WebinarsWednesday August 28th, 2019
What are your current opportunities for financial close automation investments for the upcoming year? As you begin to analyse where to make your investments in the upcoming year, it is critical to understand the art of the possible; for finance to shape your initiatives for 2020. A financial transformation project…

The Evolution of Risk Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

White Paper
The evolution of Risk Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RI RPA) was not an overnight process, but one with many mistakes and side-trips along the way. From isolated craftsmen to automotive assembly lines to robotics, a lot has changed. This executive brief explores the evolution of assembly lines, RPA and the…

Trintech’s Code Games 2018

Trintech team members had only 48 hours to develop new projects and solutions as part of the company’s second Code Games. Watch the video to learn more about how the event challenged our staff and fostered an atmosphere of fun, innovation and collaboration