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Joint Webinar with Capgemini and Warner Bros: Partnering for a Successful Financial Transformation

Webinar Upcoming WebinarsWednesday, November 15th - 11:00am EDT, 10:00am CDT, 8:00am PDT
The office of finance is continuously tasked with improving finance efficiencies and reducing costs, while providing a higher quality, higher value service to the business. However, organizations are struggling to achieve this because of the significant strain on their resources caused by existing manual processes, limited visibility, a lack of…

Building a Killer Business Case for Record to Report Transformation

Although Excel has historically been the backbone of many organization’s Office of Finance, it is commonly acknowledged that an over-reliance on spreadsheets, coupled with a lack of visibility associated with their use, represents a very real risk. With automation available to improve both process efficiency and effectiveness, the challenge many…

Building a Killer Business Case for Record to Report Transformation

Webinar On-Demand WebinarsSeptember 21, 2017
Spreadsheets are everywhere! While being the backbone of many organizations’ Offices of Finance and Accounting, it is now commonly acknowledged that this overreliance on Excel coupled with the lack of visibility associated represents a very real risk. With automation available to improve both process efficiency and effectiveness, the challenge many…

Ensuring a Scalable and Compliant Finance Organization

Webinar On-Demand WebinarsAugust 24, 2017
As a finance and accounting professional, your job is hard enough. What’s even more difficult are the day-to-day challenges that grow exponentially when a lack of standardized processes, bottlenecks in your workflow, and little visibility to progress or issues further complicate the financial close process. View this webinar to learn:…

True Measure of the Close: Time + Effort + Quality with SSON

Webinar Upcoming WebinarsThursday, May 11, 2017 9-10am CDT
Join Trintech's Vice President of Global Partner Engagement, Syril Mathai, as he presents in partnership with SSON! There is an old adage, “what gets measured, gets managed,” however, it is also true that if you are measuring the wrong things you will end up managing the wrong things. So, as…

Cadency ERP Connector Product Brochure

Cadency's Connectors for ERP Systems While your ERP plays a significant role in the management and automation of daily operations, it is simply not designed to handle the complexity of the financial close process. Unfortunately, to compensate for the gap in the ERPs capabilities, a large amount of data and…

Your ERP Is Just the Beginning – Close the Gaps with Finance Automation

One of the most common things we hear when speaking to organizations about improving their financial close process through automation is: “But, we have already deployed a best-of-breed ERP.” It’s true an ERP goes a long way towards helping manage parts of the financial close process. However, there is still…

The Impact of RPA in Finance and Accounting

Over the last couple of years there has been one topic of discussion in the finance community that has been growing louder and louder: Robotic Process Automation. But what is RPA, how does it affect the close process, and how are other companies currently utilizing automation to transform their financial close?

A Quick Win To Improve Your Finance Process

A complimentary guide highlighting how to gain a quick win that will dramatically transform your finance process. Research from PwC states that the number one method that finance professionals identify for making processes more effective is improving their finance technology. So, how can technology help? With technology comes visibility and…

Jenny Craig

Case Study
Jenny Craig struggled with a severely delayed month-end close with exception items slow to be discovered and corrected. With new management and accounting personnel in place, Jenny Craig deployed Trintech’s reconciliation solution and enlisted Trintech for training. Since implementation, the department is realizing the following ROI: