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Infographic: The Journey to Automating the Financial Close Process

One of the many challenges facing the office of finance is resolving how to implement financial close automation to lead to an expedited and less expensive close. Discover month-end close process automation opportunities and best practices from mid-market organizations. Download this infographic to see how attendees responded to our webinar…

Certified NetSuite Connector for Cadency

Cadency Connector for NetSuite While your ERP plays a significant role in the management and automation of daily operations, it is simply not designed to handle the complexity of an organization's financial process. All too often, to compensate for the gap in the ERP’s capabilities, a large amount of data…

Cadency ERP Bot Capabilities Brochure

Automation with Cadency ERP Bots Accessing and utilizing the data from your ERP during the Record to Report (R2R) process should be timely and error-free. However, when effective workflows are not in place, completing the month-end close is time-consuming, and full of potential risk due to the lack of process…

10 Financial Close Rules That Hurt The Office of Finance

Tip Sheet
A general lack of visibility, bottlenecks in the workflow and a constant demand from executive management to close faster, all plague the typical close process. Often the result is to adopt a “why fix what’s not completely broken” attitude and throw their budget and efforts into handling the symptoms of…

Cadency Universal Application Connector

Cadency Universal Application Connector To create a comprehensive Record to Report process, all relevant financial data needs to be managed through one integrated platform. Cadency by Trintech™ offers not only the most comprehensive System of Controls™ available to manage your financial close process from beginning to end, but also a…

The Challenges of a Homegrown RPA Solution for Corporate Finance

In recent years, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has taken the finance industry by storm. But as the adoption rate grows, some organizations have elected to become their own integrators, extenders and high-level architects of RPA software. Whether it’s during the planning, execution, or related to the long-term obligations after the…

Risk Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Capabilities

Risk Intelligent Robotic Process Automation In recent years, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has taken the office of finance by storm, and for good reason. However, while RPA improves upon the status quo of numerous manual processes, it does little to improve the risk-based quality of your financial statements. For this…

Oracle ERP Connector for Cadency Product Sheet

Cadency Connector for Oracle Any organization that has invested in an ERP knows that typically, tasks critical to the Record to Report process are taken outside of the ERP and managed manually. However, manually managing information outside of the ERP is an inefficient practice that introduces unnecessary risk and offers…