Record to Report Insights

Insights into improving financial processes, including reconciliation, journal entries, close tasks, governance, compliance and more.


Enabling Record to Report Transformation Through Technology

This ebook is designed to help Finance organizations – whether corporate, shared services, or BPO – to start to address the ‘How’ and help build a roadmap to transformation to deliver costs savings, reduce risks, improve visibility, promote a faster close and improve resource optimization.

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Ensuring a Successful Record to Report Transformation Delivery

This eBook is designed to help you identify which technology best suits your business, how to get a project like this approved internally, and what you need to think about when it comes to delivery.

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Building a Killer Business Case for Record to Report Transformation

This R2R insights piece addresses the keys to creating a strong business case for investment. Learn how industry-leading methodologies can help you build a killer business case for Record to Report (R2R) transformation.

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Moving From Continuous Accounting To Risk Intelligent RPA™

This Insights document highlights the hot topics in today’s finance industry, what these topics actually mean in relation to the wider Record to Report process, and why a Risk Intelligent RPA™ (RI-RPA) approach is critical to your success into the future.

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The Impact Of Robotic Process Automation On The Financial Close

This insights piece delves deeper into how you can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your close process, highlighting which jobs are for the robots and which for the people.

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The Three Components of Financial Transformation

This R2R insights piece will uncover some of the possible challenges you may be facing in your own finance organization and how a Record to Report technology solution can help align all three of these critical components into a world-class financial transformation.

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There’s More To Operational Recs Than Matching: 3 Key Considerations

This insights piece illustrates some key reconciliation challenges that your company may be facing and how you can use technology to solve these, highlighting how automation allows you to spend less of your time data gathering and matching and more on reducing risk and ensuring integrity.

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So, You Think You’ve Automated Your Financial Close? Think Again…

Read this insights piece to explore 4 common responses we regularly hear in the marketplace, and what new information companies are considering to transform their approaches towards world-class automation.

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Shared Services Insights: Improving Record to Report Performance through Automation

This ebook is designed to help Financial Shared Services start to address the ‘How’ and help build a road map to transformation to deliver costs savings, meet FTE goals, improve visibility, achieve a faster close, and improve resource optimization.

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simplified financial close ebook

Shatter the Bottlenecks – Enjoy a Simplified Financial Close

This insights piece highlights the top 5 most common bottlenecks companies faced in their financial close process and how to overcome these bottlenecks with Record to Report technology to ensure the success of your organization into the future..

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Why Transformation Projects Fail And How To Make Yours A Success

This insights piece highlights some of the common pitfalls to look out for when implementing your own financial transformation project and how you can avoid these from negatively impacting your project. To make things more digestible, we have split these into three categories: Scope, People, Communication.

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Looking for a Quick Win to Improve Your Finance Process?

Many companies are already looking at their P2P or O2C processes and the next great opportunity for improvement is the Record to Report (R2R) process. This Insights document highlights how to gain buy in for a financial close project internally, how to ensure a successful project delivery and what metrics you can use to measure success.

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Record to Report Metrics That Matter

In this R2R Insights piece we will identify what is meant by metrics, why they are important to the finance function and what best in class companies are tracking to help them improve their Record to Report processes.

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Crisis Averted: Getting To Grips With Your Key Controls

This Record to Report insights piece examines what is likely the most critical part of any company’s close cycle –how your key financial controls are managed within the overall compliance framework. Also explore some of the best practices that companies are following to ensure the effectiveness of their controls, while at the same time reducing their costs.

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10 Financial Red Flags: Securing Your Record to Report Process

In this R2R Insights piece we will identify the key indicators in your Record to Report processes that could lead to errors in your financial statements. It addresses the top 10 financial red flags and how to use them as key insight into your risk and performance to better improve your overall business.

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Closing Outside Your ERP, Your ERP Can’t Do It All

This insights piece examines the main areas and causes of “white space” outside a company’s ERP and how technology can help to bridge these gaps. To start, let’s look at some of the key challenges.

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5 Reasons Spreadsheets are a Problem for Your Close

This insights piece takes a look at what has commonly been identified as the top five, often interconnected problems associated with an over-reliance on spreadsheets by the office of finance.

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