Account Reconciliation

Your company has many moving parts that need to be organized and accurately recorded – the amortization of your liabilities and the depreciation of your assets are no exception.

To have confidence in the financial value of your company, amortization and depreciation scheduling of your pre-paid, fixed assets, and investment accounts and more must be a well-defined, controlled and reliable process. Understanding how your company’s depreciating assets lose value over time is a very crucial component of how you calculate the value of your enterprise and the validity of that final number.

The time-consuming tasks of applying amortization and depreciation rules, scheduling payments, and creating the associated journal entries can be easily automated. We can help you take control of this process.

Period-End and Operational Reconciliation

Cadency‘s amortization and depreciation capabilities will allow you to schedule, post, escalate and create journal entries to streamline this entire process.

Scheduling and Posting

Because amortization and depreciation can occur over many different time frames and with various amortization methods, when a record is posted in your general ledger, we make it easy to identify the method and scheduling for all amortized entries, automatically apply them to the proper accounts, and subsequently increase the efficiency of your close process.


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Escalation Controls

Instead of spending the majority of your time simply calculating schedules, recording journal entries and identifying support documents, you can send escalation controls to alert you only when necessary – allowing the rest of the process to be automated.

Journal Entries

At the end of your accounting period, a journal entry automatically amortizes the expense and accurately accounts for it during the reconciliation process.

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AstraZeneca struggled with a lack of standardization and visibility over its reconciliation process and wanted to achieve global standards in the account reconciliation process to eliminate inefficiencies, improve compliance, increase balance sheet visibility and reduce costs. It quickly realized that the only way it would achieve full global visibility and a world-class reconciliation process was to simplify, standardize and automate.

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