Account Reconciliation

Easily reconcile bank, cash, credit card, ACH, gift card, lockbox, payroll accounts, and more – improving productivity while reducing the costs associated with time-consuming and error-prone manual processes.

On a daily basis, the financial transaction matching must be completed and analyzed for any discrepancies to prevent financial losses for your company. Even if you’re not processing millions of transactions, but especially if you are, this is a process that should be automated for many reasons – particularly because it creates the foundation for the rest of your close process.

Spreadsheets are simply not capable of controlling the complexities of this process. We can help you match and even identify unmatched transactions of all types automatically, rapidly, and accurately.

Trintech’s financial transaction matching solution automates daily, monthly, and periodic reconciliation and account balancing processes; even for high-volume transaction accounts, using automation to electronically match transaction data and reconcile accounts.

Streamlined Matching Process

Trintech’s matching solution is widely used to automate daily, monthly, and periodic matching, especially high-volume transaction accounts (e.g., credit card reconciliation). This is useful to organizations that need to automation to quickly match transaction data and automatically reconcile accounts.

Flexible Business Rules

You can define highly flexible business rules for each transaction type that control how items reconcile, and even what happens when they don’t. To match your unique business environment, automated rules can be customized at nearly any level to identify exceptions for certain locations, accounts, operators and more. These rules automatically enforce your documented financial processes to ensure continuous compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and BASEL II.

Automatic Exception Processing

The solution allows you to automate processes for the resolution of unmatched reconciliation items such as variances, missing deposits, bank deposit corrections, miscellaneous transaction codes and more. Its built-in filters can tag items, create workflow alerts, generate journal entries, send emails, and assign escalations to expedite the research and resolution of exception item

Manual Exception Processing

In the event that a true exception occurs, the system will create an alert to allow you to process it manually. The system also provides a variety of tools to help you research and resolve the exception, as well as tag items, create follow-up workflow alerts, generate journal entries, send emails, and assign escalations to keep things moving forward.

Featured Case Study

Case Study

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wing’s accounting team was manually managing reconciliations, creating increased bottlenecks throughout its accounts. They were looking to eliminate as many manual processes as possible, reduce risks and identify available funds more efficiently.

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