Account Reconciliation

Transform this process from a tedious, time-consuming “ticking and tying” process to a more valuable, risk-reducing review process – and directly target notable outstanding exceptions

Operational reconciliations typically involve matching and clearing high-volume transactional data, which can bog down the Record to Report process. Employees can easily spend the majority of their time matching items that correspond exactly, leaving little time available for them to research the costly exceptions.

This lag time can inadvertently expose the organization to losses and many other risks, as well as result in significant effort expended on mundane, non-value added reconciliation tasks, rather than focusing on exceptions and their root-cause analysis. It’s time to transform this part of your Record to Report process.

Period-End and Operational Reconciliation


With Trintech for operational matching, your organization can streamline transactional account reconciliations and eliminate inefficient, error-prone manual processes and find exceptions faster. Now, you’ll be able to match millions of daily transactions for even the largest corporation and fully optimize this time-consuming process when completing time-consuming account reconciliations – a crucial step in laying a reliable foundation for the accuracy of all financial reports.

No matter the source of the transaction, you’ll be able to control and track this process with an extensive audit trail.


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Process High-Volume Transactions

Avoid the potential slowdown caused by high-volume and let automation match and clear common daily transactions coming from your credit cards, gift cards, and cash accounts. You can define, automate, and order as many matching rules as needed to clear even complex transactions.

Identify Costly Exceptions

Help your organization focus much less of its valuable time on matching items that correspond correctly and quickly identifying potentially costly exceptions that actually need attention.

Ensure Timely Resolution

Automating daily transaction matching, exception resolution, and period-end balancing ensures a shorter reconciliation review cycle, ultimately reducing cost through productivity gains and fewer unexplained write-offs.

Let us help you solve your organization’s operational reconciliation challenges and more.

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Alabama Power

Alabama Power quickly realized significant process improvements and time savings using Trintech’s reconciliation solution for its depository accounts. Because of the solution’s flexibility, the utility expanded its usage across other company processes as well, including; credit card transactions, payroll, accounts payable, check drafts, stock dividends, unclaimed property and general ledger account reconciliation.

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