Account Reconciliation

Accurately process and match even the most unique types of transactions – dependably across all applicable systems.

As the world of e-commerce grows and the types of purchases become more unique, the need for system-to-system matching of transactional activity is growing exponentially. Many companies are struggling to process a large volume of these transactions, especially during certain times of the year, such as the holidays, when the quantity can increase dramatically.

Tracking an asset that does not have a material existence is much more challenging than processing the typical shipment of a physical product. When a customer places or redeems a digital order with your company, we can make sure it is accounted for in all of your necessary systems.

T-Recs from Trintech will help you accurately track an activity as it is processed both within and outside of your organization, ensuring it does not fail to proceed as expected.

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High-Volume Dependability

During expected and even unexpected peak transaction time-periods for your business, such as holidays or other seasonal events, you can expect dependable automatic processing every day to ensure your customer’s transaction or claim is properly serviced.

Manual Exception Processing

In the event that a true complex exception occurs, the system will create an alert allow you to process it manually. The system also provides a variety of tools to help you research and resolve the exception, as well as tag items, create follow-up workflow alerts, generate journal entries, send emails, and assign escalations to keep things moving forward.

Flexible Business Rules

Define highly-flexible business rules for each transaction type that control how items reconcile, and what happens when they don’t. To match your unique business environment, rules can be customized at nearly any level to identify exceptions for certain locations, accounts, operators, and more. These business rules enforce your documented financial processes to ensure your continual compliance.

Automatic Exception Processing

The solution allows you to automate processes for the resolution of any identified discrepancies or breaks in silos. Its built-in filters can tag items, create workflow alerts, generate journal entries, send emails, and assign escalations to expedite the research and resolution of exception items.