As your company continues to grow geographically, it will face an interesting logistical challenge at the end of the close process – accurate reporting for different required fiscal calendars.

If your enterprise is multinational, or even simply multi-geographical, and does not produce its financial reports based on GAAP principles with a fiscal year of January through December, you will encounter an additional challenge in your reporting requirements. Compliance with financial regulations is always tricky, but even more so when it requires you to produce additional financial reports using the same data; everything must still line up.

Our solutions will help you produce financial reports based on different fiscal calendars without creating additional inaccuracies.

Multinational Regulation Compliance

The reporting regulations for your companies different geographies are easily accounted for during the close process to make sure that you are complying with all applicable requirements.

Asset Mapping

To make it easy to produce multiple reports using one source of financial data, each posting is automatically mapped to the different fiscal periods as soon as it is recorded.

Multiple Record Management

Now you can manage both the production and submission of all of your reports for multiple fiscal years in one centralized location with one source of truth, which helps maintain the accuracy of all resulting disclosures.

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Western & Southern Financial

Western & Southern uses Trintech’s reconciliation & R2R solutions to oversee and report on internal & external financial controls Western & Southern Financial decided to automate its entire Record to Report process with Trintech’s solutions. The results? “Trintech’s solution is flexible enough to integrate with any of our systems,” said Jason Nickles, Director of Corporate Accounting, Western & Southern. “It doesn’t lock you in. The workflow has really taken our…

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