Financial Governance


Financial governance regulations, such as those imposed by the SEC, create a stringent set of rules for your financial reporting – and your compliance with these guidelines can’t be something that you’re unsure of at any point.

Your Office of Finance faces many challenges that can slow down your Close cycle, challenge the validity of your reporting, and ultimately create compliance risk for your enterprise. As you work to overcome these issues while also increasing the efficiency and overall effectiveness of your Close process, compliance with government regulations can easily cause costly issues, especially as your company grows.

How confident are you that you have set the proper financial governance rules for your financial reporting? Our solutions will allow you to manage these requirements and increase your peace-of-mind in your financial statements and disclosures.

Regulation Compliance

Your organization can’t afford to make governance mistakes, so we make it easy to comply with SEC requirements, such as SOX, or any other applicable regulation from around the world, by automatically integrating them into your entire Record to Report process.

Operational Controls

With configurable operational controls and workflows set to support both your Close process as well as any relevant regulations, the integrity of your business process will notably improve as you closely monitor and manage any exceptions or risk.

Risk Assessment

Through risk assessment insights, you accelerate your response time and prioritize control activities, as well as gain additional insight into any threats affecting your enterprise’s reporting and overall compliance.

Let us help you find a solution to fit your organization’s needs.

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