Regulatory and Financial Reporting

At the end of your Close cycle, how are you ensuring the accuracy of your reports?


The Business Case for Automated Financial & Disclosure Reporting

Companies are working harder than ever to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive marketplace. They’re hiring strategically; they’re investing in corporate social responsibility; they’re going global; they’re taking unprecedented risks and reaping monumental gains. Many are automating the first mile of finance, taking care to implement ERP systems, assign internal auditing structures and move previously outsourced reporting processes in-house.

Although this is true, there’s a considerable gap between generating positive results and communicating those results in the best way possible.
Communicating your company’s financials is critical, and still, the Last Mile of Finance is undervalued and inefficient. This is a missed opportunity – the Last Mile is as much a regulatory responsibility as it is an occasion to gain market share. Report production should be viewed as an investment priority for every company. This whitepaper will discuss where financial and disclosure reporting meets business strategy and how quality reporting is the key to better business.

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