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Disclosure & Financial Reporting

Evolving regulations and stringent requirements can make it difficult to complete your financial disclosures – let alone create best practices.

From helping forecast and model budgets, determining how to consolidate financial statements, assessing risk, supporting your final disclosures, and even identify compliance and relevant regulations, there are many benefits to benchmarking financial reports by researching and comparing your enterprises with reports from other similar organizations. You may think that this type of research can be time-consuming, and that’s true if done manually.

Thankfully, this process has an automated solution that provides all of the information you need in an easy-to-access format. Now you can quickly establish best practices and perform peer comparisons.

Trintech Disclosure Management will allow you to gain more control over and stronger visibility into financial reports for both external audiences, such as the SEC, and internal audiences, such as your board of directors.

The Record to Report process has many critical components, and the final step of reporting is just as crucial and complex as the rest of your Close process. By using Trintech Disclosure Management’s automated capabilities for report creation, compliance collaboration, approvals, and research, you’ll be able to eliminate manual processes, reduce risk, and improve control all while increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the whole process. Trintech Disclosure Management will allow you to see a noticeable improvement in the control, accuracy, and timeliness of your reporting and seamlessly integrate it into the rest of your Record to Report processes.

Simplified Research

We have global knowledge at your fingertips, benchmarking and peer review is greatly simplified because information isn’t just available, it’s easily accessible which will greatly reduce the time you spend researching overall.

Reliable Compliance

With so many regulations and so little time, finding early adopters that abide by the latest rules helps ensure you also follow the rules and stay in front of your competition.

Risk Mitigation

Not only will disclosure research improve the phrasing of your documents, it can shape the very risks that you identify and how you prepare for each one. If you are looking for the narrative to support your disclosures, you’ll be able to easily find information from organizations similar to yours and even identify areas of potential risk you aren’t currently mitigating.

Complete Record to Report Automation

Trintech offers the only comprehensive, automated Record to Report solution for your office of finance. We will help you transform your reconciliation, journal entry, compliance, close, and reporting processes to be more effective and efficient, saving you time and money throughout the entire R2R process.

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