Financial Reporting

Disclosure & Financial Reporting

The financial statements you create strongly influence executive-level decisions regarding your organization’s future – don’t point them in the wrong direction

Preparing your company’s financial reports is often a dreaded process for many financial professionals. Yet, when done with proper preparation and process, it can become a beneficial opportunity to establish clear communication and a shared understanding of your finances.

To transform this process, you need to move away from the disjointed, manual process that’s delaying this vital information from providing transparency to your organization. We will help you prepare board books, earnings statements, reports for auditors, and more with the accurate information and transparency your key stakeholders require.

Trintech Disclosure Management will allow you to gain more control over and stronger visibility into financial reports for both external audiences, such as the SEC, ESMA and Companies House, and internal audiences, such as your board of directors.

By using Trintech Disclosure Management for automated report creation, compliance, collaboration, approvals, and research, you’ll be able to eliminate manual processes, reduce risk, and improve control all while increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the whole process.

Trintech Disclosure Management will allow you to see a noticeable improvement in the control, accuracy, and timeliness of your reporting.

Information Transparency

As boards of directors and other investors demand greater transparency, private company reporting has become as onerous as that of public companies. Our cleanly-organized reports can be tailored to your specific goals and needs.

Now, you’ll be able to provide all your key stakeholders with the insights they need to make well-informed decisions about your company’s future.

Clear Collaboration

Your team will be able to work together as they edit, comment on, and review all of your reporting information.

With strictly controlled access for each user, it’s easy to coordinate reviews and approvals while capturing an audit trail.

Data Process and Control

All the relevant financial data from your accounting and ERP systems is directly connected to the reporting process to eliminate manual data entry errors and maintain one version of the truth.

Throughout the process, this information is also directly linked and updated in any Microsoft® documents or spreadsheets you may be using to finalize your submissions.

Complete Record to Report Automation

Trintech offers the only comprehensive, automated Record to Report solution for your office of finance.

We will help you transform your Reconciliation, Journal Entry, Compliance, Close, and Reporting processes to be more effective and efficient, saving you time and money throughout the entire R2R process.


5 Fatal Flaws Killing the Financial and Disclosure Reporting Processes

There are many ways to drive a business into the ground.  Erroneous disclosure and reporting is one way; producing hurried or manually generated disclosures are two more. It’s one thing to have less than ideal numbers.  Maybe product sales didn’t quite make the cut or projected forecasts fell short, succumbing to outside forces. But, it’s another thing entirely when a finance team has exhausted its efforts on fruitless, manual tasks or when procedures have become a hazard more than a help.

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