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Your key stakeholders will be looking at these reports very closely – make sure you know exactly what they’re saying

As you go through the steps required to compile your regulatory disclosures, be it a 10-K, 10-Q, 10-F, 20-F or AR01, it’s easy to begin to feel overwhelmed by the many different deadlines and reporting requirements. Pulling this information together from multiple data sources is inherently risky, and the final report must hold up to incredible scrutiny.

With these issues in mind, it’s time to move away from your manual, disjointed process and adopt a best-in-class approach to filing your documents and exhibits. We will help you see a noticeable improvement in the control, accuracy, and timeliness of your regulatory reporting and integrate it into the rest of your Record to Report processes.


Trintech Disclosure Management will allow you to gain more control over and stronger visibility into financial reports for both external audiences, such as the SEC, and internal audiences, such as your board of directors.

By using Trintech Disclosure Management for automated report creation, compliance, collaboration, approvals, and research, you’ll be able to eliminate manual processes, reduce risk, and improve control all while increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the whole process.

Trintech Disclosure Management will allow you to see a noticeable improvement in the control, accuracy, and timeliness of your reporting.

Deadline Compliance

Trintech’s solution automatically accounts for up-to-the-minute deadlines for each filing to help you prioritize and ensure that all the required documentation and exhibits are submitted on time.

Throughout the entire process, you’ll have clear visibility over each dependent tasks that could impact timing and accuracy.

Clear Collaboration

Your team will be able to work together as they edit, comment on, and review financial disclosure content and XBRL.

With strictly controlled access for each user, it’s easy to coordinate reviews and approvals while capturing an audit trail.

Data Process and Control

All the relevant financial data from your accounting and ERP systems is directly connected to the reporting process to eliminate manual data entry errors and maintain one version of the truth.

Throughout your entire process, this information is also directly linked and updated in any Microsoft® documents or spreadsheets you may be using to finalize your submissions.

Complete Record to Report Automation

Trintech offers the only comprehensive, automated Record to Report (R2R) solution for your office of finance.

We will help you transform your Reconciliation, Journal Entry, Compliance, Close, and Reporting processes to be more effective and efficient, saving you time and money throughout the entire R2R process.

Trintech’s 4 Step Guide to Improved Regulatory Reporting

What does it take to achieve improved external reporting? In this ever-critical area, it never hurts to freshen up on the latest best practices. Take a look at some of the key processes. Analyze how you document these steps, and find opportunities where the process can improve. And finally, improve the quality of your XBRL with a handful of tips, and employ a disclosure management solution to help smooth out the filing process.

With the help of Trintech’s 4 Step Guide to Improved Regulatory Reporting, you can evaluate key reporting processes prior to filing season that will make heads down a little bit easier.

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