Journal Entry Management

Journal Entry

Increase efficiencies by facilitating a more accurate journal entry post – all while reducing the length of your Close cycle

Many companies struggle with managing their journal entry process – you may even experience this as a result of disparate systems, missing or inadequate supporting documentation, improper management approval, and a lack of transparency into the impact of late adjustments. Unfortunately, the extent of this manual, inefficient, repetitive work increases the likelihood of errors and unforeseen costs.

The average number of journal entry tasks typically managed by global organizations is 470. We can help you handle each one as error-free and efficiently as possible.

Trintech’s Journal Entry management solutions provide fully integrated workflows that create governance and management oversight, allowing organizations to finally take control of their manual journal entry process. The solutions enforce policies and procedures while delivering real-time visibility into the status of journal entry preparation, approvals, and posting.

With Trintech’s Journal Entry solutions, companies can significantly increase the efficiency of their JE process, while reducing costs and risk of errors.


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Close Cycle Reduction

By facilitating two-way communication between any ERP system directly into Trintech’s Journal Entry management solution, you can input, route, and close assigned tasks. The automation capabilities will help you clearly define your process, create strong governance, and ultimately remove many issues that create a lengthy Close process.

Workflow Visibility

Through real-time visibility, control, and validation of the completion, for both standard and non-standard journal entries, you can significantly improve your understanding of the workflow status during the Close cycle, beginning with journal entry preparation and ending with approval and posting.

Audit Ease

Throughout the Close cycle, all of your Close activities are centrally governed by defined policies and procedures and exception management.  They will automatically generate a single source of all history, so you can stay prepared for any upcoming audits.

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