Unclaimed Property Compliance

Unclaimed Property

With compliance audits on the rise, save time and minimize the risk of being fined and penalized!

Unclaimed property audits are on the rise. Jurisdictions are hurting for money, and unclaimed property is one area where governments can easily increase revenues. Aggressive auditing is now the rule of the day. Companies must ensure they are in compliance to avoid audits and resulting fines and penalties.

Keeping track of current unclaimed property laws and regulations across all applicable jurisdictions is a challenge because these laws change constantly. We can help you stay ahead and ensure your compliance with each one.

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Our in-house compliance specialists continuously monitor for regulatory changes and update Trintech’s Unclaimed Property Compliance System® (UPCS) to ensure it is up-to-date on every requirement. When new updates become available, users are directly notified and a consolidated summary is provided on a quarterly basis.

Trintech’s UPCS automates the escheatment process from start to finish, saving time and eliminating errors, noncompliance, and opportunities for fraud.

Deadline Compliance

To prevent manual errors and other types of costly oversight, rules for each jurisdiction are automatically applied to each property. Your data is automatically classified at the time of import and record creation and consistently applies those rules, including key deadlines, from start to finish.

Appropriate Rules

Your organization can greatly increase its protection from audits by using the latest regulations and deadlines while consistently applying the appropriate rules and exemptions to your entire escheatment process.

Exemption Identification

Property that is exempt from unclaimed property laws in each jurisdiction is automatically recognized at the time of state report creation. Thus, you can eliminate any errors or confusion when it comes to keeping property that rightfully belongs to your company. UPCS identifies all jurisdictional exemptions, including gift cards, business to business payments, payroll, etc.

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