The most powerful bank statement analysis tool on the market.

It’s a simple question: Is your business paying too much for banking-related fees ? Though the question is simple, figuring out the answer can be both complicated and time-consuming. Unfortunately, failing to closely  manage bank fees can cost thousands of dollars a month, and not every treasury management system can help you clearly track them. SmartAnalysis can — it’s the most powerful bank statement analysis tool on the market.

SmartAnalysis goes the extra mile. This robust, commercial bank fee analysis solution uncovers not just simple pricing inconsistencies, but also more complex issues such as spikes in volume or unexpected service changes. And it does it all while being easy to use and intuitively designed.

Identify high-level discrepancies, investigate them, and resolve them — all with SmartAnalysis.


  • Reduce your banking-related fees through advanced analysis — flag bank errors, track refunds and credits, and get detailed audit trails
  • Create a variety of dashboards to measure and analyze the KPIs that matter most to you
  • See your dormant, overdrawn, underutilized or service-ridden accounts — and perform “what-if” analysis to explore the impact of various scenarios
  • Import non-standard statements and make side-by-side comparisons
  • Create configurable comparison codes
  • Automatically allocate expenses and post charges to the GL

Benefits and Details

Reduce Your Total Costs

SmartAnalysis identifies the type of services you’re using, their average use level by month, and the organizational entities using each service. You can use that data to identify services you’re using too much or not taking full advantage of — and remove outdated or inefficient corporate processes contributing to unnecessary bank costs.

“What-If” Analysis

Explore the impact of various scenarios without affecting your current or historical data — and get your findings in a cohesive, persuasive fashion using our industry-leading reporting tools.

Configurable Comparison Codes

SmartAnalysis allows you to create and define codes that take into account service bundling differences among banks, so you can perform direct comparisons and reduce costs.

Use Non-Standard Statements

Using SmartAnalysis, you can transform nonstandard statements and utilize them for added side-by-side comparisons.

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