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4 Answers to Common Close Questions from the Banking and Finance Industry

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The Accounting Financial Services Industry Is Growing More Complex The banking and finance industry continues to see massive growth in financial services compliance requirements, as well as demands from upper management to complete the close in a more timely and effective manner. Unfortunately, despite the modern age that we live…

5 Tips to Enhance Your Financial Close Processes

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Your existing financial close processes should not hinder your Office of Finance. As your team wraps up the month-end close, it’s important to remember and learn from the challenges they’ve repeatedly run into. As the old saying goes, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The…

ERP Integration: 5 Tips to Streamline the Financial Close

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ERP systems are not intended to drive the completion of the financial close. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems support organisations of all sizes and house operational data and modules, ranging from purchasing management to human resources to financials. While a sophisticated system for necessary for every business, relying entirely on…

Reclaim Your Time and Grow by Accelerating Your Next Financial Close

Implementing financial process automation enables Offices of Finance to produce timely, accurate financial data. Based on our 2021 Global Benchmark Report that surveyed 476 financial professionals across 430 organisations, only 16% of professionals have established automation and 6% reported having advanced automation in their financial close. The remaining 78% that…

The 3 Stages of the Accounting Automation Journey

Automating accounting processes is necessary for leading mid-market organisations to effectively strategise and scale their operations. By moving from a mostly manual process to streamlined automation, finance and accounting professionals can shift their focus to strategic initiatives, allocating more time to identify new opportunities and genuinely impacting the organisation. However,…


Case Study
HANZA Gains Greater Visibility and Control Over Financial Close Process with Adra by Trintech. In 2019, HANZA entered the Sweden stock market and needed a solution to help improve their internal controls. Their previous approach of manually documenting reviews and approvals did not meet the auditors standards so they knew…