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Discover the best-in-class financial close solution that mitigates risk, reduces errors, and improves control.

A Global Leader In Financial Close & Reconciliation Software

The Adra Suite of Solutions by Trintech work together to automate and streamline work, improve accuracy, and reduce risk—better managing the detailed process of the financial close. The suite seamlessly integrates with many financial systems such as ERPs, allowing you to close faster with confidence.

The road to a high-performance financial close includes:

    •  Automated multi-way transaction matching with Adra® Matcher lets you focus on handling exceptions.
    • Matched transactions seamlessly integrate into balance sheet reconciliations with Adra® Balancer.
    • Centralised checklists and documents provide full visibility and control of the entire financial close from start to finish with Adra® Task Manager.
    • Tailored reports and dashboards highlight opportunities for improvement in Adra® Analytics.

Now with Adra, we have full transparency and control over our processes and confidence in the integrity of the numbers we are disclosing each month. – Leandra Koester, Accounting Manager at RE/MAX

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RE/MAX streamlines processes, reduces risk and saves time with Adra.  As a publicly traded company, RE/MAX was struggling with a…

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