Tuesday, September 22nd - 14:00 BST

Joint Webinar: Elevate2 & Adra by Trintech – How to Improve Your Financial Close

When accountants are spread out across multiple different locations, the likelihood that their financial close will be completed timely and accurately significantly decreases. Primarily, this is due to the tools used to complete the process. ERP solutions are at the heart of the company’s financial system, however, the functionality provided by even the best ERP solutions, does not always meet the needs of a business going through a Month-End Close Process. Without finding a solution to fit some of the problems outside the ERP’s scope, the organisation is facing increasing risks.

Join us for this 40 minute-session where we will provide a detailed run-through of how with Adra’s additional functionality has become an essential value add to many NetSuite Customers looking to streamline the Financial Close. In particular, you will learn more about how the Solution:

  • Handles transaction matching with complex requirements: multiple data sources and three-way matching. To help you report quickly, easily and more accurately
  • Helps growing organisations process large volume of automated reconciliations when manual processes become cumbersome
  • Creates Audit-trails and allows easy-auditor access
  • Facilitates process and project management specifically designed for the F&A teams to help you gain visibility and streamline processes regardless if you’re working at home or at the office
  • And so much more.


Join us on September 22nd to understand how the integration between Trintech & NetSuite enhances both products’ functionality to help you save time on the Financial Close, reduce cost and be more confident in the numbers reported.

Webinar ran in partnership with Elevate2.

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