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Automation Can Help F&A Teams with the “Great Resignation” Challenge

In this webinar, we will dive deeper into how automation can be utilized to unlock human capability, so your teams can start to work smarter, not harder.

Unlocking Your Human Capability with Trintech

The challenge of building Finance & Accounting (F&A) teams to ensure that they are engaged and empowered to be successful, while managing the impact of tactic knowledge drains, isn’t a new one. Following the pandemic, there has been a fundamental shift in the speed at which this drain is occurring, leaving businesses asking: how can they ensure highly skilled people are kept motivated, and how can they minimize the risks to the business when people leave?

For the first time you can’t just hire more people to solve the problem. You have to figure out how to solve the problem differently. That is where technology is going to have to be the saving grace as we rethink our approach to solving the talent gap.”

– Teresa Mackintosh, Trintech CEO

Many of these challenges stem from how businesses are currently managing people’s workloads. With only 23% of organizations stating that they are spending more time providing insights than managing data, the work that most finance organizations are focusing on is often low value, manual and tedious. This is not the kind of work that drives motivation and engagement.

At Trintech, we help deliver real change by re-prioritizing the work that businesses ask of their people, and providing them the tools they need to be able to focus on analysis and value creation, not on data management. By automating repetitive work and providing visibility into areas of risk throughout the financial close, individuals become empowered, teams can collaborate, and knowledge is underpinned within the organization should people decide to move.

Unlocking Human Capability in the News

Trintech’s CFO, Omar Choucair, shares key insights with Strategic Finance about “What’s Keeping CFOs Up At Night in 2022?”

While organizations continue facing the challenges of the pandemic, particularly around sustained hybrid work, IT investments have been on the rise, focusing on increasing automation and advancing digital transformation initiatives. With that in mind, Trintech’s CFO, Omar Choucair, shares a few key insights with Strategic Finance around the role of automation in 2022 and how prioritizing technology investments can help combat talent shortages.

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Trintech Helps You Unlock Your Human Capability By...

Enabling Insights

We shift the focus from low-value, repetitive, manual tasks to make work more interesting and innovative, while enabling the delivery of insights to become a true business partner

Standardizing Controls

We empower organizations to become more attractive to talent and reduce the risk of churn, while enabling smooth transition when churn happens, with standardized processes and controls in place

Facilitating Collaboration

We help improve overall efficiency and effectiveness in a hybrid environment where collaboration is essential through streamlined processes and communications dashboards during the financial close

Today, most organizations understand that utilizing manual approaches to their financial close isn’t the most effective way to ensure employee engagement. But, what does automation mean to the financial close and the people who manage it, and how can organizations justify the investment to make change happen?

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"With cleaner, faster data inputs comes richer, timely analysis and the ability to do high-value problem solving and strategic thinking. By allowing the technology to do what it is built to do and enabling employees to focus on more engaging and productive work, our finance team can see greater value not only from a budget perspective, but also in having a foundation from which to build or enhance a workplace culture that is more likely to attract talent and boost employee morale."

- Tom Walker, Dallas Cowboys Chief Financial Officer

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