APAC Webinar: How COVID-19 Accelerated the Path Towards Financial Close Automation

Event Details:

It’s no secret that the Office of Finance has historically been an underinvested area of the business when it comes to technology adoption. However, 2020 was a defining year for the Office of Finance, as it cemented their role as an essential strategic part of the organisation – one that was relied upon to provide real-time data to shape critical business decisions amid the pandemic. Because of this, more and more companies are realising the importance of investing in financial solutions that better support their Office of Finance.

To better understand how the global pandemic impacted the Office of Finance and what the future of financial close automation looks like as a result, Trintech conducted a global survey of 486 financial professionals across nearly 430 organisations in Q1 of 2021.

View this webinar, where Trintech discussed the:

  • Impact COVID-19 had on the Office of Finance
  • Biggest challenges organisations are currently facing in the financial close process
  • Maturity of automation in the Office of Finance
  • Key areas to improve in your Financial Close process over the next 12 months