EMEA Webinar: Enabling Enhanced Control and Security in Your Financial Close Process While Utilizing Robotic Process Automation



Enabling enhanced control and security in your financial close process while utilizing Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Do you still have manual processes within your financial close process due to a lack of confidence in an automated solution? Many companies still execute their financial close process based on a variety of manual processes or point solutions which do not talk to each other. Such a set up has often led to the process lacking control and hence jeopardizing a truly reliable outcome.

Today, leading companies utilize RPA for their financial close process. This automation collects all required data in a comprehensive way based on enhanced security and a control framework. Utilizing such technology allows a “first time right” approach for the financial close process.

Join our next webinar to learn:

  • How our System of Controls works seamlessly with your System of Record (ERP) to automate your financial close process while ensuring data integrity across the entire process
  • How our System of Controls increases the reliability of your financial statements
  • How to benefit from RPA in the financial close process
  • How to reduce the costs of your financial close process
  • How RPA gives you real-time visibility into the financial close process
  • How to enhance control, security, and accuracy of your financial close process

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