EMEA Webinar: Enhance Control and Reliability of Your Financial Reporting with Risk Intelligent RPA™

RPA is one of the most revolutionary technologies in business finance and quickly becoming an integral part of most companies’ digital finance strategy.

Manual processes can pose unnecessary risk to a company’s financial reporting. RPA can help to overcome this challenge and increase accuracy, so that not only CFOs, but also CEOs, investors and other stakeholders have confidence in the company’s financial statements.

Consequently, CFOs are now introducing RPA technology into their Office of Finance to help standardize and automate workflows. On top, technology can provide a System of Controls to ensure the reliability of the financial close reporting.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Why RPA technology must be configured to match your individual control needs, workflow and risk profile to be effective
  • How automation can accelerate the journey for the office of finance from a traditional back-office function to a pro-active front-office function
  • What ROI organizations are seeing from automating key processes of their financial close
  • Where to start your transformation – away from risky manual processes and towards a more reliable and compliant financial close

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