EMEA Webinar: Improving Efficiency & Reducing Costs with RPA



RPA is currently revolutionizing the way companies are managing their financial close. Finance departments are learning how to work smarter, and more efficiently, through Risk Intelligent Automation that ensures time is spent on judgement activities and removes the repetitive manual activities that can often suffocate the close.

For your organization to stay competitive and deliver the growth and insights needed in your business, it is key to be aware of the top trends and how they can impact your organization moving forward.

The most obvious reason for implementing RPA is to increase efficiency and reduced costs.


Join this webinar to learn how to: 

  • Use a tailormade RPA solution to drive efficiency in your financial close process
  • Cut out more than 60% of manual work tasks and get happier employees
  • Free up valuable finance resource to do more valuable work
  • Next steps to incorporate these trends into your organization


Event Details

Date: Thursday, October 4th

Time: 9:00am GMT, 10:00am CET


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