Health Checking Your Financial Close with Risk Intelligent RPA™

It’s no secret that best-in-class organizations close faster with increased efficiencies, reduced costs and lower audit fees. The challenge is understanding how this is achieved, and how you can continue to build upon these improvements moving forward.

If we break this down, we can see that all best-in-class companies are focused on two key activities – standardization and automation. This is why so many organizations have made the decision to move away from disparate, manual processes to transforming their Record to Report process with Risk Intelligent Robotic Process Automation™. But, where do you start and how can you continue to evaluate opportunities for ongoing improvements in your financial close process?

View this webinar to learn:

  • How to ensure you are meeting your initial governance and standardization project objectives
  • What data you should be reviewing and when is the best time to start reviewing that data
  • How to make effective decisions based on the data reviewed


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