On Location Podcast: Planful CEO Grant Halloran and Trintech President Darren Heffernan

Eighteen months after COVID microbes first began marching across the 50 states, business planning software developers have no shortage of business case examples to better expose the relevancy of their offerings.

Still, not every customer door that swings open leads to an avenue for success, according to Grant Halloran, CEO of FP&A developer Planful of Redwood  City, Calif.

“We love the word “focus” in our organization, and we believe that there have been lots of software companies over the years that have lost their focus and gotten caught up in their returns,” explains Halloran, who—along with Darren Heffernan of accounting software company Trintech—sat down for an in-person interview with CFO Thought Leader host Jack Sweeney to discuss the two companies’ budding partnership amid COVID’s stubborn residency.

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