UKI Customer Webinar: Reconciliations Optimisation

This webinar aims to give you an overview on how Accounts & Balancer can help make the financial close process more efficient, save your team time and increase ROI. Participants will be given powerful suggestions of best practices from our team on how to leverage Accounts & Balancer.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How Accounts & Balancer seamlessly integrate to automate the financial close process;
  • To explore how using transaction matching automation can help you save time and improve control;
  • How to optimise opportunities for your Balance Sheet Reconciliations and Finance checklists.

Event Details
Date: Wednesday, November 20th
Time: 13:00 – 13:30 GMT

Email catalina.pascu@trintech.com to sign-up and discover new and easy-to-adopt ways to automate your financial processes.



How long is your month end close taking? Are you going into or leaving a high transaction period (Black Friday or Christmas)? Having the visibility into your month end process, including optimising and shortening time spent on it is one of the many ways you can ensure teams are making the most of their expertise on what matters when growing your business.

A hot buffet lunch will be served.

• Learn a practical approach to decreasing the length of your month end close process
• See how technology can accelerate and improve visibility into that process
• Meet an industry insider with many years of experience on successfully reducing month end close processes
• Network with like-minded professionals that are all looking at ways to optimise their month end process too

Event hosted by the ICAEW

Date: 3rd December 2019
Time: 12pm to 3pm
Venue: Chartered Accountants’ Hall 1, Moorgate Place, EC2R 6EA.
Speakers:  Linnet Sen, Associate Partner, IBM and ICAEW Academy Trainer
                      Espen Odland Larsen, VP of Finance, Trintech

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