Webinar: CECL Standard – How to Strengthen Your Internal Controls through Automation

Joint Webinar with CFGI

For some industries, the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s new CECL accounting standard is one of the most challenging accounting change projects in more than a decade. The transition to CECL will not only impact how companies calculate their loss reserves, but will fundamentally change processes in both finance and credit risk management. The adoption of the CECL standard will likely affect internal controls and the need for data not previously used for financial reporting purposes.

During this webinar, CFGI and Trintech discuss:

  • What key considerations companies should think about as they adopt the CECL standard
  • Why a clear roadmap to implementing the CECL standard is critical to your success
  • How technology can play a critical role in strengthening your internal controls

Mason Mullins – Senior Manager, CFGI

Jesse LaJoye

Jesse LaJoye – Director, Partner Engagement, Trintech

Brian Kaiser – Senior Manager, CFGI