Webinar: How to Transform Your Office of Finance In 4 Steps

Learn how standardizing practices, optimizing your department’s processes, leveraging automation, and employing risk-intelligence can save time and reduce the risk of damaging misstatements.

In this webinar, we’ll show you exactly how automating your Record to Report process through four key stages, from manual all the way to using Risk Intelligent RPA™, will allow your office of finance to:

  • Reduce the number of hours spent on and workload peaks associated with your month and year-end close
  • Establish a process that is reliable and repeatable
  • Identify and remediate issues early on to strengthen your effectiveness and efficiency
  • Gain visibility into your entire R2R process
  • Ensure compliance and accuracy of divisional financial statements
  • Shift focus to strategic initiatives that will genuinely impact your organization

This session includes real-life examples from large enterprises that have overcome notable challenges and seen a strong return on investment for their efforts. We’ll show you exactly how you can use their experiences to your personal benefit.

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