Webinar: Optimizing ROI: The Business Case for Automated Transaction Matching

Why is matching such a cumbersome process? Haven’t we invested enough money into our ERPs to make this process easier on us? ​

With high volumes of financial transaction data, many organizations spend exorbitant amounts of time creating spreadsheets and manually identifying those transactions for verification while mining for those high-risk items. Regularly, reconciliations are delayed, which impacts visibility into the financial performance while also increasing the risk of write-offs. In addition, your highly-skilled team is spending all their time trying to find and resolve those exceptions when they should really be using that time for higher value work like data analysis. As the Office of Finance shifts to a strategic asset to the business, it’s critical that your highly talented resources are focused on working strategically vs. manually matching accounts. ​

View this webinar to learn how Cadency Match can help your Office of Finance perform high-volume transaction matching as part of a comprehensive approach to the Record to Report process – rapidly enhancing the accuracy and regulatory compliance of all resulting financial statement.


Syril Mathai, VP – Strategic Solutions, Trintech