Webinar: The Benefits of RPA in the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry has always faced uncertainty with its revenue stream given the volatility inherent in global commodity markets.

At the same time, the industry has changed dramatically over the past ten years, enhancing drilling efficiency, lowering operating costs and ultimately lowering breakeven points across all the major shale basins. Finally, G&A costs per barrel of oil are under more scrutiny than ever.

In light of demands from the investment community and the executive teams leading today’s energy companies to “do more with less”, the back office of tomorrow supporting these organizations must challenge itself to adopt new approaches to business processes and more effective uses of technology and automation to remain competitive.

Join our next webinar as Trintech and Riveron discuss:

  • The current challenges facing the oil and gas industry
  • How RPA can help reduce costs and increase the accuracy of your financial close
  • Best practice examples of companies that have adopted RPA
  • Next steps your organization can take to achieve a more efficient and effective financial close

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