What the Instant Gratification Economy Means for Your Office of Finance

White Paper

Patience was long considered a virtue, but today it seems more like an afterthought.

Humans appear to be hard-wired to want immediate payoffs, and continuous advancements in technology have made instant gratification more intense.

Changing consumer expectations has also affected business-to-business commerce. Information, for example, is moving faster than ever across computer systems. No one wants to wait weeks, or even days, for a security patch or the implementation of software.

Even in today’s fast-paced world, “playing the long game” so to speak, still matters. There is general agreement that delayed gratification, self-discipline, persistence — call it what you like — is a good predictor of long-term success.

Have you considered how customer behavior and cultural shifts are impacting your business? How are you responding to more urgent demands from customers, investors, or internal stakeholders? What about your employees? How have shortened attention spans affected your ability to complete projects?

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