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Financial Close Automation Software for Commercial Businesses

Modernize Your Financial Close with Adra by Trintech

Each of the Adra products, available individually or as a suite, ensure you can automate the financial close process directly from your existing systems. Intelligent insights allow you to close faster and with greater confidence. 

Centralized Checklists and Libraries

Bring your team’s knowledge and wisdom together in a centralized library. By standardizing detailed task lists and controls, everyone on the Finance and Accounting team knows what needs to be done every step of the way.

Automated Multi-Way Transaction Matching

Optimize your financial close by automating the usual time-consuming, repetitive task of transaction matching. Automated matching can happen daily, so transactions don’t pile up until the month end.

Fast, Easy Account Reconciliations

Bring speed, accuracy, and control to the balance sheet reconciliation process. Automatically reconcile low-risk accounts while your preparers focus on balances for accounts receivable, accounts payable, and other key accounts. Substantiate documents, workflow, and comments all in one place.

Download the product brochure to learn more.

Download the Product Brochure

Unlock the Capabilities of the Adra Suite

Organizations who rely on Adra are seeing up to:


Reduction in Time Spent Matching Transactions


Reduction in Time Spent on Bank Reconciliations


Reduction in Time To Close The Books

Prior to Adra, we kept everything in Excel, and it took us 11 business days to close the books. Having Adra enabled us to trim our close down by 3-4 days.”

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