Sunil Padiyar is a seasoned Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with a robust track record in architecting cloud-based B2B SAAS solutions for fast-growing software enterprises. As the CTO of Corcentric, he spearheaded revenue growth of 25% YoY, focusing on the CFO office by streamlining accounts payable, automation, procurement, and payment transactions. Sunil also held the role of CTO at FacilitySource, overseeing its remarkable expansion from $40 million to $250 million in just 5 years, culminating in a successful acquisition by CBRE.

Furthermore, as a co-founder and VP of Development at SalesLogix, Sunil played a pivotal role in propelling revenue from zero to $100 million within 4 years, culminating in a successful IPO. With extensive expertise spanning various sectors including Finance automation, CRM, Sales & Marketing Automation, Facilities Maintenance Management, and Supply Chain Management, he has been instrumental in building world-class products.