Corporate Social Responsibility

Trintech continues to invest time and resource into corporate social responsibility. Ensuring employees, partners and local communities are considered and supported remains key to our success.

Putting A Meaningful Purpose Behind Our Work

Here at Trintech we place a high priority on not only extending exceptional service to our customers, but also encouraging our global workforce to be of service to their local communities. Corporate Social Responsibility is at the heart of our organization. Every Trintech office across the world participates in service efforts throughout the year to support environment sustainability, health and wellness, and family and youth.  In addition to our team efforts, employees are granted up to two days of paid volunteer every year to give back to an organization of their choosing.

We believe that running a successful business is more than increasing revenue – it’s supporting the communities in which we live and operate. At Trintech, we believe in the value of giving back to impact areas that matter most to our employees, customers and business partners. It’s our choice to contribute to making the world a better place.

Darren Heffernan, CEO Trintech

Our Commitments

Environmental Sustainability

Lending a hand to community groups needing assistance and helping to maintain sustainable practices to protect our planet.

Family and Youth

Partnering with organizations worldwide to provide essential resources and educational support to families and children in need.

Health and Wellness

Contributing to the betterment of our employees and the community through donations towards increasing awareness and research.

Our Impact And Trintechers In The Community

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