Accelerate Reconciliation with Trintech & Workday

Your accounting team is under growing pressure to close faster while simultaneously driving business strategy and growth – how can you do it all?

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A rapid and precise financial close and reconciliation process could not be more important. Addressing challenges stemming from complexity, scale, and manual tasks can be time-consuming, causing teams to rush to meet deadlines while struggling with:

  • Inability to manage complex transactional reconciliations and resolve exceptions at scale
  • Issues completing the financial close on time
  • Error-prone manual processes create manual workloads for employees who value automation

Workday and Trintech have partnered to create various Packaged Solutions across several industries. These powerful integration-based solutions enhance the financial close process by targeting challenges that stem from complexity, scale, and manual tasks.

Trintech offers faster and more precise control of complexities in the reconciliation and close processes, further strengthening Workday’s foundation in Workday Financials and Workday Adaptive Planning.

Complex Transaction Matching

Transaction matching brings a high potential for manual error and countless hours for accountants when completed manually or with outmoded tools.

How Trintech Helps: Automate high-volume, multi-way matching and analyze trends across large sets of data from multiple sources.

Balance Sheet Reconciliations

General ledger recs are eliminated, but that is a low proportion of the whole reconciliation process for month end.

How Trintech Helps: Automate transaction and account balance reconciliations, take a risk-based approach and bulk/auto reconcile accounts.

Manual Tasks

A large amount of manual tasks are still performed outside of Workday at month-end.

How Trintech Helps: Create risk-based automation rules, automate non-Workday tasks and monitor automations using comprehensive dashboards.

Lack of Standardization

Lack of complex templates and workflows sufficient for your business needs.

How Trintech Helps: Configure templates, create workflows and have the option of localization with easy configuration options with Trintech solutions.


Auto-match rate


Reductions in time to close the books


Reduction in number of accounts to be reconciled

Packaged Solutions automate complex account reconciliations and high-volume, multi-source transaction matching based on deep industry knowledge and experience to streamline the financial reconciliation and close process within Trintech while optimizing planning and consolidation in Workday.

Packaged Solutions provide bi-directional connectivity between Trintech and  Workday’s general ledgers, allowing for automatic import of files across legal entities from a network or local drive directly. Files are automatically fetched and encrypted during upload for smooth integration of data without the need to manage access or manual imports, allowing for mitigated risk.