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Financial Consolidation and Close

Automate for Efficiency & Effectiveness

Gain Confidence in Your Balance Sheet

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Automate Financial Consolidation to Simplify the Financial Close

The financial consolidation process involves multiple data sources pulled from several departments and entities that all roll up to the parent organization. Gathering this data becomes even more challenging when tracking disparate systems of record, General Ledgers, and intercompany transactions that include foreign currency exchanges.

Trintech offers solutions that allow you to close and consolidate faster, providing the FP&A team with accurate numbers that they can trust through analytics, interactive dashboards, and statutory reporting. Collect and map trial balance data from multiple GLs and systems, then consolidate according to specific rules like IFRS or GAAP. Automated reports make it simple to inform key stakeholders of the results.


Gain a consolidated view of the overall Balance sheet to quickly assess company health and identify bottlenecks.

Dashboards provide visibility to non-controlling interests and stakeholders across departments, improving the delivery of information without boring meeting.


Consolidated views of group account reconciliations in the financial close process streamlines reporting with fewer clicks and windows.

Once the group balances are reconciled and confirmed, they can feed back to a CPM or Consolidation solution, while ensuring any adjustments are accounted for directly within the system of record, before finalizing the financial statements. This eliminates the need for applying the same updates across multiple systems.

Transaction Matching

View specific entities and accounts when matching transactions for complete clarity.

Journal Entry

Post intercompany journals and topside journals quickly and efficiently through a standardized process.

Standard journals and recurring journals track reclassifications, eliminations, and validations in a single source of truth.

Close Task Management

Simplify the process and improve team collaboration by tracking consolidation activities with workflow capabilities.

Consolidation and Close Software Made For Every Industry

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Not Your Grandpa’s Consolidate and Close Software

Discover how today’s consolidation and close software can help finance and accounting executives make their department more productive and make it possible to attract and retain the best talent in a resource-constrained environment.

When you remove repetitive and manual tasks from an employee’s plate, you enable that employee to engage in higher value work. For example, with my team, we’ve upgraded our monthly close process. That means that instead of spending time entering data, my team is working with me to analyze the data and draw conclusions that inform our overarching business strategy.”

Omar Choucair, CFO Trintech

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